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Grow Your Business with the RealtyProx Network

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vladas_gotowebinar RealtyProx 101 With a Twist

We’ll walk you through the features, benefits and services provided by the RealtyProx Network.

Join Vladas Krivickas, our marketing director, and learn how RealtyProx--the only free short sale processing platform--can save you tons of time and money.

Additionally, learn how NCC can take away the short sale aspect of your short sales making them as simple as traditional equity sales.

Finally, we’ll introduce you to other benefits available to RealtyProx members through our partners, such as leads, marketing tips, continuing education, and more.

This free session will be followed by a live Q&A.

Marketing Tuesdays with Lee Honish

Select a date and register for a bi-weekly webinar on marketing, lead generation, and web presence.


lee honishHow to Get Listings

Lee’s marketing system was available to the select group of his coaching students and seminar attendees only... until now!

Registered RealtyProx users have a unique opportunity to learn directly from Lee during live bi-weekly webinars absolutely FREE.

This is different from anything else you’ve ever seen or heard.

• No more post cards
• No more direct mail
• No more door-knocking
• Up to 60% response rate

This free session will be followed by a live Q&A.

RealtyProx Platform Training

Select a date and register for a comprehensive platform training: from creating a new deal to utilizing free tools to requesting leads.


Step-By-Step:estera wilson From Initiation to Closing

Everything you need to know about working efficiently and closing short sales with RealtyProx. Get the most of the only free real estate management platform!

Join our senior processor Estera Wilson for this comprehensive step-by-step training. During the webinar you will learn how to initiate new deals, manage your pipeline, communicate with other parties and utilize free tools, such as eFax, email, document packaging, barcode tracking, and more.

This free session will be followed by a live Q&A.