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RealtyProx helps real estate attorneys manage files and build connections with other parties involved in the same transaction. Go paperless with RealtyProx and power up your entire operation with one platform. RealtyProx is a necessity when it comes to traditional real estate sales and is completely irreplaceable in more complex transactions like short sales. Take advantage of permission-based accounts for attorneys, processors/negotiators, and managers. Provide free access to your strategic partners, such as title companies. Collaborate to create HUD-1 and transmit other documents efficiently and securely.

  • De-clutter your office and go completely paperless.
  • Enjoy eFax, eSignature smart bar code system, built-in email, and more.
  • Take advantage of our user-friendly interface with minimal learning curve.
  • Position yourself as a legal expert and get more exposure and more business through the platform.
  • Join us for webinars and events as a guest speaker.

Attention, Short Sale Attorneys!

RealtyProx can connect you with National Closing Center (NCC), a short sale processing company. Concentrate on legal challenges while leaving clerical and redundant tasks to NCC. You can choose to outsource short sale processing to NCC on listing-by-listing basis. Process in-house what you can and submit the overflow to NCC; or simply outsource most of your short sales, reduce your overhead expenses, and avoid having to hire and train more staff.