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RealtyProx® is a software development company specializing in real estate transaction automation and management. The company caters to variety of clients, ranging from real estate brokerages and individual agents, loss mitigation companies, mortgage companies/lending partners, law offices, and escrow/title companies.

RealtyProx® is the most advanced yet brilliantly simple real estate transaction management platform. Real estate professionals use it to streamline file processing, communicate with all parties involved in the same transactions and share documents effortlessly and securely.

In short sale transactions, the fully automated platform keeps everybody in the loop, so real estate professionals can concentrate on marketing and sales, instead of clerical tasks, negotiating with banks and being a busy call center.

RealtyProx® helps organize short sale documents, streamline the workflow, and keeps everyone involved and on task. Most importantly, the platform saves time and money, so real estate professionals can grow their business without increasing their overhead.

For brokers, RealtyProx® is more than a transaction management tool. The platform helps manage the office, run sophisticated reports and significantly reduced time and resources usually required to manage a real estate office. Integrated eSignature module allows members of the same real estate office collaborate with each other, as well as sign complicated contracts with a click of a mouse regardless of the physical location of all parties.

RealtyProx® is also a parent company of the RealtyProx® Group, which includes its sister company, National Closing Center, a short sale processing enterprise, and SSRP (Short Sales/RealtyProx), an educational arm of RealtyProx®.

RealtyProx® is engaged in a number of different initiatives, including the Repositioning the Dream initiative, which connects homeowners with vetted professionals, including counselors, real estate professionals, and attorneys.

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