Watch how-to videos and webinar replays

Watch 'how to" videos and webinar replays

How to Add and Manage Users

Learn how to add and manager users. Allow permission-based access to other parties (such as Selling Agents, Attorneys, Escrow Companies, etc.) and monitor your short sale progress.

How to Convert Leads into Listings Using RealtyProx Data

Enroll into the RealtyProx Lead Generation Program and turn raw data into active listings. 7 easy steps to new listings!

How to Initiate a Short Sale and Request a Processor

Requesting short sale processor from National Closing Center (NCC) via RealtyProx is as easy as completing five steps. Since NCC offers document fulfillment services, a listing agent needs to provide just basic property info in order to submit a short sale request. This video is a step-by-step guide on how to initiate a new short sale and request a processor in under 5 minutes.

How to Manage Tasks

Learn how to add new tasks, manage existing tasks and keep everyone in the know. RealtyProx offers two types of tasks: general/personal tasks and tasks attached to a particular short sale file.

How to Package Short Sale Documents

Our document packaging tool helps create a complete short sale package in seconds. It stamps a loan number on each page, creates a fax cover sheet, and prepares documents for lenders' review. 

How to Request Short Sale Leads

Enroll in the National Closing Center's short sale lead program and start receiving free short sale leads via RealtyProx. Need a quick 'how-to'? Start watching from 06:35.

How to Set Up Your Account

Create your free account and get started in minutes. This demonstration video covers free registration and basic account set up.