So, You Monster™-ed a Listing? Now Use RealtyProx and National Closing Center to Have it Approved and Closed!

07/24/2014 11:31 AM (CST)

realtyproxShort Sales are hardly on most real estate agents radar these days. According to Daren Blomquist, vice president of RealtyTrac, “After a surge in short sales in late 2011 and early 2012, the favored disposition method for distressed properties is shifting back toward the more traditional foreclosure auction sales and bank-owned sales. The combination of rapidly rising home prices—along with strong demand from institutional investors and other cash buyers able to buy at the public foreclosure auction or an as-is REO home—means short sales are becoming less favorable for lenders.”

It is true for many markets. And yet there are plenty of pockets around the country, especially in judicial states, where there’s no shortage of short sale sellers (no pun intended). All in all, short sales are returning to their usual place: being a specialty, niche listing.

RealtyProx and National Closing Center are happy to serve this select group of real estate professionals who continue accepting short sale listings.

Just before short sales became mainstream, there were few quality tools and services catering to short sale agents. Now there are plenty.

Lee Honish’s Monster™ Listing System is one of the tools that have been bringing listings to hundreds of real estate agents across the country. If you’re one of Lee’s coaching students and a user of Monster™ then your next logical step should be using RealtyProx to manage your listings and National Closing Center to handle the processing part.

Here are 10 steps on how you can incorporate Monster, credite restoration and RealtyProx/National Closing Center into your prospecting routine.

1. Pick a data source. Use RealtyTrac, Rebogateway, Property radar, (Illinois only) and get your data. Don’t forget that RealtyProx has its own lead generation program. Once you create your account, make sure you enroll in the program as well (it’s free).

2. Offer credit restoration as a bonus. Before you deliver your Monster™ package, make sure you incorporate credit restoration in your marketing funnel. Check out our partner They have an excellent real estate marketing program for real estate professionals. Offer credit restoration assistance for short sale sellers as a bonus and use to attract buyers too!  

3. Deliver the Monster™.

4. Face-to-face. Have homeowners call you and get face-to-face with them.

5. Become a go-to resource for the homeowners whether they’re attempting to do a loan mod or simply exploring their options.

6. Get a listing.

7. Log on into your RealtyProx account and follow a 5 step process to request a processor from NCC.

8. Check your email for updates.

9. Get an approval.

10. Close and get paid!