Short Sale Lead Program is LIVE

09/25/2013 03:21 PM (CST)

Short Sale LeadsIf you’re serious about short sales, you probably have a marketing plan in place. The toughest part is getting quality leads. RealtyProx and National Closing Center are here to support you all the way up to the closing day… and now we got some free short sale leads! We're very excited to announce that our short sale lead program is live and every registered RealtyProx user is eligible to enroll.
Watch this demo video to learn how you can request short sale leads from National Closing Center via RealtyProx at no cost to you.
A few things to remember.
1. The leads are gathered from public sources.
2. We do check the leads against local MLS to make sure the property isn’t listed at a time of assignment.
3. Although we assign the same lead to one real estate professional only, it is public information and anyone can access it if they spend some time, effort and invest some money in the process.
4. Leads are free with one condition: if any of the leads convert in to listings, you agree to process them with National Closing Center.
Take advantage of this exiting program and happy marketing!
Finally, it is only fair that real estate agents already working with NCC will always be given a priority in terms of assigning leads. We want to support you, but we also hope you’ll support us. The more short sales you send to NCC, the more chances are you will get free leads in return!