If You Still Have Short Sales in 2015, You Absolutely MUST Outsource Mitigation and Processing

04/17/2015 12:11 PM (CST)

docsIf you’re one of those real estate professionals who still work with short sales in the spring of 2015, you probably know what you’re doing. Most likely, you have a team of assistants or other real estate agents to help you with paperwork and mitigation. Or maybe you are a one-man or one-woman orchestra doing it all by yourself. Either way, you and your team must be good at what youdo.

We realize that it is pretty difficult to convince you to outsource your short sale if you haven’t done it by now. Regardless, we’re going to try by reminding what RealtyProx and National Closing Center can do for you.

First of all, we have the right technology. RealtyProx is a free, web-based real estate transaction management platform. And, no, you don’t need to have 20 short sales to benefit from it.

Every user benefits from RealtyProx because they get better service and close deals faster. Even if you have only 1 short sale, you will benefit from our technology. How come?

Our partner, National Closing Center, uses RealtyProx to communicate with all parties and keep track of short sale files. Without it, they would be slower, way less efficient and less reliable. The fact that they use RealtyProx ensures that you will be taken care of and your transactions will get closed.

Speaking of National Closing Center… NCC processors work directly with lenders to effectively and efficiently speed up the short sale approval process. NCC is able to help you by addressing different aspects of the short sale process, including processing, transaction coordination, and even helping find a buyer.

It’s not a secret that during past 5 years together we have built an impressive list of investors. In this tight market, investors are delighted to find a good deal, so rest assured your client’s property will get sold in no time.

We completely understand that you want to be in control and you’re good at what you do. At the same time you know that short sales will continue declining, so it’s time to find new sources of referrals.

You can’t spend much time on marketing and diversifying your portfolio if you’re stuck on the phone with banks. We coordinate all the details of your short sale and communicate our progress every step of the way. So, get your free RealtyProx account, follow 5 simple steps to get connected to a processor, and spend your time more efficiently.