Farming Smart is Important in the Flat Market

05/29/2014 01:01 PM (CST)

Let’s face it. Current market is as flat as Iowa fields. While in some places housing prices are slightly going up, in other locations prices are down, leaving the general market boringly flat. (Places like San Francisco and Silicon Valley are generally exempt of any of that, but this should be obvious and we’re not talking about them here.)

What does that mean for real estate professionals? Mostly, it means that homeowners are not inclined to sell. No increase in value and no loss of value make people want to wait, which results in great frustration for real estate agents and investors.

So, what do you do in the flat market? Lee Honish, a marketer, former banker and a creator of Monster Marketing System , has a piece of advice: go where they ain’t and farm smart.

Most real estate agents have been groomed to pick a territory and farm their farm, which mostly means flooding their territory with mailers, flyers, bench ads, and cold calls. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work very well in general, but especially in a flat market.

“I wanted a process that I could get you a listing a week or more”, says Lee Honish.

During the latest webinar with RealtyProx, Lee Honish explained how the Moster works and also shared some important tips with the RealtyProx community.

He pointed out that in the current market real estate agents compete with their piers within their county and beyond. Trying to score a listing this way is like knowingly pick the longest line in a store. Makes no sense when you think about it…

This is why going after short sales in this market is a smart move, especially if you’re using a solid marketing system, rely on technology and use experienced short sale processing company, such as National Closing Center.

Watch the webinar replay below to learn more.